Personal Information about Art Altman




Born and raised in Rochester, NY. I took my first position in Chicago, where I spent most of my life. I was involved with the JUF, on the Boards of the JCC and AIPAC, on the Selective Service draft board, somewhat active in my synagogue and business communities. However mostly I worked, too much.



My career emphases were in investment research, computers, and business. I sold my business in 2000 . If you are interested in knowing more, look at



After getting divorced I moved to Fort Lauderdale to be near family. Unfortunately, most of my family is now gone.  I have been  active in consulting small businesses thru SCORE, redisigned their website, and automated the division.  . I have tried hang gliding, cruising, singing, voice lessons, and attended a few political meetings, however have not gotten involved. I also do some business consulting, computer consulting, and am on the Selective Service (Draft) Board. I travel, and plan to travel more, which will include more cruises, an African safari, and trips to anywhere and everywhere..




My view in the morning           


I feel, look and act considerably younger than my age. I have a somewhat Ďdifferentí sense of humor, which most people enjoy. I have had a couple of girlfriends (lady friends) since moving here, but so far no permanent commitments. Being alone, and traveling alone, is only of limited interest. It would  be much more enjoyable if shared, and coupled with romance, especially if the romance is one filled with love.


I  am relatively conservative; do not frequent bars, or wild events. Itís not that I am totally socially inept, or maybe it is, or maybe its age (nope: I have always been this way). I can hold my own in most conversations, but with rare exceptions am not interested in fashion, gossip, soaps, or astrology. I also do not like shopping, unless itís for a car, boat, airplane or hardware.


Despite not working I manage to stay quite busy. It seems amazing how time goes by. I have been doing some option investing, working on financial papers, reading, playing with the computer, and developing some marketing plans to get back into consulting, and volunteer consulting with Score (Part of the SBA).  I am planning on doing some consulting, and have also become a travel agent.


 The VIEW is mine, Not the boat.                   

I have 3 wonderful children. My eldest daughter a Rabbi, my other daughter a doctor, and my son a student at Columbia. I can brag incessantly about each of them, but will hold off on that for now.

You know a bit about me now. There is a lot more to learn, but this should be  a start. I think I am a nice guy, kind, romantic, and all of the other good things, but then I may be slightly biased.  I would tell you about my  faults, but if you really want to know what's wrong with me ask my late wife, or wait until I can demonstrate. (Itís actually my former wife. I have long called her my late wife, since she was never on time to anything.) 


 ďDo you always joke?Ē you may ask. Well nearly always. Sometimes it is the only way to cope. Anyhow itís better than some other bad habits I have seen, and maybe some I have.


In the meantime, I would not mind hearing a lot about you. If you think we may get along, or are just looking for a good challenge, you can write back, or call at 954-565-3919. You can also send me a message from my web site, or directly to